L’Écurie VTC®

VTC are Passenger Vehicles with Driver. They allow you to be transported to the destination of your choice, thanks to a private driver. Unlike taxis, VTC do not have a meter and the price is set in advance. You will have no surprises when you pay by choosing the VTC service! In addition, the VTC drivers offer a quality service aboard their private vehicle: drinks, wifi, tablets or even written press, you will benefit from a pleasant, modern and comfortable driving experience.

In this context, we offer two types of services: our express transport and our visit service.

Express transport VTC

The VTC driver must be booked

Within the framework of the VTC, the support of the customer is done only thanks to the reservation. In a few clicks, VTC drivers can be booked to do your shopping. No booking or approach fees will be added. VTC are the guarantee of having a vehicle with driver at your disposal, whatever the location or the desired time.

Conversely, taxis can be called on the fly or reserved. As part of a taxi reservation, vehicle approach costs may be charged and added to the final price.

The price of your VTC transport fixed in advance

Do not have any surprises when paying during your transport by VTC! Prices are set transparently when booking, depending on the distance traveled and the duration of the journey. No additional costs related to baggage or passengers will be charged. Passenger vehicles with driver are the assurance of controlling your budget in advance, when you make your reservation!
Unlike private drivers, taxis have a parking meter to set the price of their trips. The price of the taxi transport service will not be known in advance and costs such as approaching the vehicle may be charged in addition.

Visits Service

Private tour with l’Écurie VTC

L’Écurie VTC offers private tours on the Alsace wine routes. You are passing through our beautiful region of Alsace, you want to discover the wine route and its treasures such as magical villages, chateaux or even a wine tasting in a cellar.

We have prepared tours for you that go to the essentials, take advantage of your time to visit freely, have lunch, test the wines without pressure, all in a sedan with a private driver.

We have taken care to prepare the routes well to give you the best possible experience.